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Ready for Big League Skills and Next Level Game Experience?

The OC Hawks Travel Baseball Club provides exceptional training and experience that only travel baseball can offer—giving our players a powerful advantage in advancing their baseball careers.

Learn from Pros, Advance Your Game and Have the Time of Your Life!

Here are Some of the Amazing Ways Our Travel Baseball Club Can Benefit You.

A Competitive Advantage Only Travel Baseball Affords

We provide exceptional levels of training, skills, techniques, and game experience that only a travel baseball club can offer. This gives our players a distinct competitive advantage in their careers.

Life Skills Development to Complement New Game Skills

Life skills are critical to success in baseball. Through travel, teamwork, and training, our players develop powerful life skills also. Our vision is to help them fulfill their potential as people as well as players.

Personalized Training by Champions and Former Pros

Our national championship-winning head coach and associate coaches (including former pro baseball players) personalize the training to ensure that each player gets what they need to pursue their goals.

 Greater Confidence and Calm On and Off the Field

Our players enjoy increased confidence and poise thanks to their travel game experience, ongoing skills development with big-league pros, and the champion’s mindset we work to instill.

Healthy Habits Developed through Teamwork

Our team continually works together to develop positive habits, attitudes, and behaviors that will enrich our players’ lives as well as their baseball careers—creating success on and off the field.

Amazing, Fun Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Our year-round program offers more than next-level baseball training and travel game experience. It offers the chance to make new friends, have fun, and create great memories all year long!

Awesome Years

Club Attendees


College Players

MLB Players

Attention Future OC Hawks

OC Hawks 12U Team is looking to fill three roster spots for the 2024 “Dream Team” to compete at Cooperstown Dreams Park next summer!

Travel baseball or PONY Baseball experience is preferred, but not a deal breaker. Our needs are for pitchers, catcher and middle infielders.

For more info please contact: Coach Mark Przybylak

Ready to Join? If So, You’re Going to Love Being an OC Hawk.

If you’re serious about reaching your highest potential in baseball, we’d love to help you do just that. It’ll be loads of fun!

Why Join OC Hawks Over Others?

Our travel baseball club and coaching staff are the most caring, committed, and accomplished pros and players you’ll ever meet. You’re in good company with OC Hawks.

Championship-Winning Team

OC Hawks has an outstanding game record including playing in 14 national championships! So come join us and be a part of the winning tradition at OC Hawks Baseball Club.

Year-Round Program

  Unlike other baseball clubs that operate seasonally, OC Hawks is a year-round program. This offers our players consistent training and support.

World-Class Coaches

Our coaches include former professional baseball players, national championship-winning coaches, and coaches with college and pro-level coaching experience.

Well-Rounded Baseball Skills

We address all aspects of the game, from the pitcher’s mound to the outfield. We work to help each player develop a well-rounded skill set that furthers their goals.

Life Skills Development

From time management and teamwork, to positive visualization and cultivating a champion’s mindset, our players develop critical life skills that enrich their lives.

Foundation for Future Career

Our travel baseball program provides a powerful foundation to help our players succeed in baseball—from grade school to high school, to college and beyond.

Join OC Hawks & Be Your Greatest!

“We’re All About Turning Ordinary Kids…into Outstanding Players.” –Coach Mark

About Being Your Greatest

At OC Hawks Travel Baseball Club, we encourage everyone to be their greatest. Our goal is to help you find that awesome, amazing, best version of “you” deep down inside, and bring it to your game for everyone’s benefit.

Our coaches and staff are committed to helping all players who join out organization to accomplish this wonderful life goal of being one’s greatest. And of course, we’re committed to helping them become the very best athletes and baseball players they can be, too.

That’s why life skills are a critical part of our teaching. We want everyone on our team to go on to high school, college, and perhaps even MLB as the best person—as well as the best player—they can possibly be.

At OC Hawks, we all love what we do. Helping kids be their greatest is us being our greatest, too.

More Reasons to Join OC Hawks

We are one of the most established and winning travel baseball clubs in the U.S.


Established for Over 20 Years

We started in the 90’s and have enjoyed many seasons, including many championship wins.


Over 1,000 Graduates

We’re proud to have served hundreds of kids in making their baseball dreams come true.


Proudly Located in Orange County, CA

We welcome players from all over Orange County, from Santa Ana to San Clemente.


World-Class Baseball Educators

We have devoted our lives to this sport and are among the most knowledgeable coaches anywhere.

Meet the Professional Coaching Staff of OC Hawks Baseball Club

Our OC Hawks Coaching Staff – is comprised of a group of hard working, men whom have all achieved College Scholarships and more… all by putting in the hard work both on the field and in the classroom necessary to accomplish their goals. But just as important, they are also husbands, and fathers, who know well the “heart” of a child, and how to promote and protect their dreams without breaking their spirit!

What’s most important…our coaches have the patience, personality and the professional expertise to bring the very best out of your kids! I can proudly say, “we specialize in kids!” -Coach Mark

Owner/Director Professional Hitting Instructor/
Career Coaching Experience

Coach Mark Przybylak

Hi, I’m Coach Mark, Owner and Founder of PROKids Academy. I founded ProKids Baseball Academy in 2010 with the goal to teach not only baseball but life lessons through baseball to kids that will stick with them beyond the field.

I am also current director of the OC Hawks Travel Baseball Club and have proudly been so since 2004.


  • Current Owner/Director of ProKids Baseball Academy
  • Current Director of OC Hawks Travel Baseball Club (est. 2004)
  • Member of CVCS 2014 DIV 6 CIF High School Baseball Championship
    Team Coaching Staff
  • Varsity Head Coach St. Margaret’s HS 2005
  • Varsity Assistant Coach St. Margaret’s HS 2006 – 2011
  • Varsity/JV Baseball Assistant Coach – Capistrano Valley Christian HS 2012-2017
  • 12 years PONY Baseball
  • 20 years Club/Travel Baseball Manager ages 8U – 14U
  • Coached JSerra HS Summer Program 2005
  • Coached USA 12U exhibition team in Dominican Republic 2006
  • Coached USA 13U exhibition team in Dominican Republic 2006
  • 2006, Wrote and Produced Big League Baseball Fundamentals Baseball Training Video Series


  • Finished 3rd out of 104 teams – 2018 12U National Championships
  • Finished 3rd out of 100 teams – 2008 12U National Championship
  • Finished 3rd out of 96 teams – 2006 10U National Championships
  • Finished 3rd out of 80 teams – 2005 10U National Championships
  • Finished 9th out of 80 teams – 2004 12U National Championships
  • Won 10U National Championship – 2002 Cooperstown

Coach Mike Lamb

Coach Mike is one of the cornerstones of our staff. He started coaching with the Hawks back in 2013, when his son Andrew began playing OC Hawks Baseball as an 8-year-old. His professional playing experience, knowledge and personal/team accomplishments as a player far surpass most of what any coach at this level has to offer.Through a lifetime of hard work, commitment to team and dedication, Coach Mike has accomplished every young player’s dream …to play in the BIGS!

  • Pro MLB Player 11 Years– Drafted 1997 Texas Rangers
  • Played in MLB World Series – Houston Astro’ 2005
  • Texas Rangers Player of the Year “Minors” 1999
  • Cal State Fullerton HOF College World Series Championship Team 1995
  • Recognized at Big League Dreams Park “Walk of Fame” in West Covina, CA


Coach Ron Payne

Coach Ron Payne is an exceptional addition to our Hawks staff. He has been recognized as tops in his field of coaching High School Baseball here in Southern CA, at every level for almost 40 years!

In 2006/2007 Coach Payne was instrumental in developing a single team of 14U players, of whom 10 players had earned D1 College Scholarships, with 6 signing MLB contracts. Since then, many more have enjoyed the fruits of Coach Payne’s efforts. We are so fortunate to have this great coach on our staff!

What Former OC Hawks Are Saying

Former Players Who Love Our Baseball Program.

“As a young player and a former member of the OC Hawks Baseball program, I would have my mom drive me up 70 miles from San Diego to Dana Point to meet up with Coach Mark. I felt that the 2-hours spent with him would make me a better player …and it absolutely did! What stands out most to me was how patient he is with each of his players. He took such a humble approach to his coaching, wanting nothing more than to see us all succeed.

What I remember most is the powerful “Life Lesson” stories he would share with us after a win or even a loss, one in particular being, the story of the White Dog vs. Black Dog. I don’t remember games of going 4-4 or 0-4, but that story sure got me thru the highs and lows of my journey. As a result of hard work, I managed to go on to earn a D1 College Baseball scholarship at the University of Nevada, and afterwards I signed a Minor League contract with the MLB Chicago Cubs. While I am now finished playing pro baseball, those life lessons will remain with me forever.”

Grant Fennell – University of Nevada

MLB Chicago Cubs Minor League Player

“I began working with Coach Przybylak when I was 12 years old. His baseball instruction was truly second to none. His attention to detail, ability to adapt to the different learning styles of his athletes, and emphasis on the mental side of the sport set him apart from other instructors. I relied on his expertise for over a decade, absorbing his expertise to improve my game. He was a huge reason why I attended an Ivy League school as a recruited baseball player and went on to play two seasons of professional baseball. I never stopped relying on the mechanics, approaches, and “feels” that Coach Przybylak taught me over the years. 

Beyond coaching baseball, Coach Przybylak is the highest quality kind of person, role model, and teacher. Coach preached…“Baseball is a sport of failure – even the very best hitters fail 7 out of 10 times”. Then he uses these times as opportunities to teach, and he does so with grace, empathy, passion, and a refreshing exuberance. The very first time I met Coach Przybylak, he had me write down on a card what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course, my answer was a professional baseball player. I hung that card in my room and looked at it every day. When I secured a spot on a Division 1 college baseball team, I remembered that card. When I was drafted by the Miami Marlins, I remembered that card. For years, that card was a consistent reminder of the goal I was working toward, and it was powerful.

This is just one example of the life lessons that Coach taught me, my teammates, and his other athletes. He emphasizes positive mentality, team cohesion, and having fun all while reminding his athletes to keep the bigger picture in mind. Using baseball as his platform, Coach Przybylak teaches his athletes to be loving, caring, passionate, and empathetic human beings. He is the kind of person I would want coaching and teaching my kids.

To this day, though my baseball career is over, I rely on Coach Przybylak as a friend, mentor, and advisor. There is no other person on earth I would rather have coaching my child than Coach Przybylak.

Harrison White – Yale University

MLB Miami Marlins Minor League Player

What the Pro’s Are Saying

Former MLB Players Who Love Our Baseball Program.

I have been with the OC Hawks since 2011 and I have seen Coach Mark teach many life lessons through the game of baseball. Whether it’s “Life Rocks”, “Finish the Drill”, or “Faith or Fear’, Coach Mark pours his heart and soul into each and every kid that comes through the program…including my own son Andrew, who has played for Coach Mark for 7 years. As a dad, I couldn’t be happier. Coach Mark has been instrumental in teaching my son about life as well as baseball. He has given him many nuggets to take on his journey. I believe in it so much that I have continued to be a part of the OC Hawks since Andrew graduated in 2018. I love what the Hawks are about and I am proud to continue to be a coach in the Hawks program.

Mike Lamb

11-year MLB Player

“I’ve known Coach Przybylak now for well over a decade. It’s very rare that you can have someone who has a great depth of knowledge of the game, and can share it and transfer it into his players. He is also someone who cares deeply about his players as he sets a vision for them to grow up to be great men, and not a vision that’s just for the next short season. Coach Przybylak is a pretty rare Coach in the baseball world, and I strongly feel that any player that decides to commit to play with him and his OC Hawks program would be making a very wise decision.”

Paul Reddick

Paul Reddick Baseball – 90MPH Club – Author, Owner, Director


“I was blessed to play 16 years in Major League Baseball, and since retirement, I’ve spent the past 11 years coaching Youth Travel Baseball in Southern California. Out of all of the men that I have shared a baseball field with, Coach Mark stands at the very top of my list due to his knowledge of the game, his passion in teaching it, and his deep level of desire to grow the game but not only producing successful ball players, but just as important, great young MEN! I am a fan of Coach Mark and OC Hawks Baseball!”

Mike Sweeney

KC Royals Hall of Fame – 5-time MLB All Star


“I had the great pleasure of coaching a full year with Coach Przybylak in 2007, and began a lifelong friendship with a man I now consider family. What makes a coach great is not only their knowledge of the game, but more important the ability that they have to connect with their player. Coach Mark understands to the highest extent the components of the game, and he has the ability to connect his message with players of all ages and skill levels. Playing 12 years for 5 MLB organizations, I was around many great coaches. I consider Coach Przybylak one of the greats, one I would trust with my own son. If you’re looking for your child to learn the game, and take their game and approach to the highest level, I would highly recommend playing for Coach Mark Przybylak.”

Ryan Lehr

12 Year Pro Player – Founder of “The Pure Swing”


“I’ve been fortunate to coach and scout baseball all over the world.  And my days spent on the field or in the cages as an OC Hawk Coach have never left me.  In fact, it’s impacted me tremendously. It’s here where I first learned the balance of persistence and patience in coaching with Coach Mark, and am eternally grateful.  —Persistence in achieving greatness on and off the field each day.  – Patience in the delicate role a coach leads while guiding his young student-athlete’s confidence and future.

His program impacts these young OC Hawk players from an early age on, as he works hard in building personal relationships with them and their families with smart, passionate, healthy, and highly intellectual coaching.  As a result, so many of the OC Hawks we coached together went on to enjoy and experience very successful high school, college and pro careers.Andthat’s something that didn’t happen just by accident.It’s something I tell Coach Mark I’m extremely proud of. 

Today I consider Coach Mark my lifelong mentor and friend. I believe he becomes the very same for every player that wears the OC Hawk uniform.The OC Hawks has a long tradition of being a premier youth baseball development program.  If you’re serious about finding a program dedicated to building a future for a student-athlete and a future success story on and off the field, then trust Coach Mark and the OC Hawks process, program and tradition.”

Andy Berglund

MLB International Scout – Manager South Africa National Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Baseball?

A travel team is a youth sports team that plays at an elite level. These teams travel, often long distances and out of state, to games, competitions, and/or tournaments (hence the name). Usually, these teams are part of a private or club sports program, not a recreational league or one affiliated with a school.

There is almost always a try-out or audition process to join the team. And there is no guarantee of playing time (unlike in recreational leagues where all kids will usually get a chance to play regardless of ability). Travel teams are also sometimes called elite teams, select teams, club teams, or tournament teams.

Why Travel Baseball Rocks

Young athletes can reach a point where they are bored with rec league play. A travel team may be the best way for them to learn new skills, meet expert coaches, progress in their sport, and have fun in the process. Kids need to be challenged so they can grow. On a competitive travel team, players gain great experience in team play and sportsmanship.

They also need to learn more about taking care of their body to keep it strong and healthy through conditioning, nutrition, and good sleep habits.1 And, of course, traveling can be a great way for both families and teams to bond through shared experiences, like meals or just swimming in the hotel pool. Kids are exposed to new cities and sometimes get a chance to play tourist.

How to Choose a Travel Baseball Team

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Travel Baseball vs. Little League

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Is Travel Baseball Worth It?

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